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3200-Series Tailwheel Assembly

The Bushwheel 3200-Series tailwheel assemblies are designed to employ precision components and give years of trouble-free dependable service under the most rugged conditions. This high performance, lightweight tailwheel has a swivel mechanism which is sealed to keep out water, sand, and mud. Grease fittings are provided for lubrication. All 3200 models provide positive steering control far “beyond rudder” travel and will release easily and automatically to full swivel when aircraft is turned around. Tension is not required on rudder spring cable connectors except to remove slack. This reduces the load on the rudder during flight. Bracket attaching bolt, nut, and washer to spring not furnished.

3200-Series Tailwheel Assembly  
ABI-3200B Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3224A Hd Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3200 Std. Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3200-3 2-Bolt Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3200-3B 2-Bolt Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-2600B Bushwheel Tire/Wheel Assembly 
ABI-2600A Std. Tire & Wheel Assembly 
ABI-RBK32 3200 Series Re-Build Kit 
3200-Series Parts List  
1 ABI-3216-00 Bracket Assy
1a ABI-800613*** 2 Bolt Bracket Assy
2 ABI-3241-3S*** Spacer
3 ABI-3243-02*** Leaf Spring Adapter
4 ABI-3243-01*** Leaf Spring Adapter
5 ABI-3207-00 Fiber Thrust Washer
6 ABI-3234-00 Thrust Plate Assy
7 ABI-3233-00 Compression Spring
8 ABI-3256-2* Dust Cap, Upper
  ABI-3235-02** Dust Cap, Upper
9 ABI-3206-00 Thrust Washer
10 ABI-3214T* Steering Arm Assy
10a ABI-3214-00** Steering Arm Assy
11 ABI-3219-00 Pawl
12 ABI-3256-1* Dust Cap, Lower
  ABI-3235-01** Dust Cap, Lower
13 ABI-3205-00 Bushing
14 ABI-F1* Tailwheel Fork
(Not Sold Individually)
14a ABI-3224** Std. Tailwheel Fork
15 A4050 Cone Bearing
16 A4138 Bearing Race
17 ABI-1863 Grease Retainer
18 ABI-2504-1 Spacer
19 NAS1149F0863P Washer
20 AN320-8 Shear Nut
21 MS24665-283 Cotter Pin
22 ABI-3222-00 Compression Spring
23 ABI-3258-00 Spacer
24 ABI-3258-01 Spacer
25 ABI-3257-00 Pin
26 ABI-872* Axle
26a ABI-3236** Axle
27 ABI-3225-00 Tab Lock Washer
28 ABI-3227-00 Spacer
29 33475-008 Castle Nut (AN310-8)
30 ABI-S2* Rim Spacer
31 ABI-3244-00 Wheel Half
32 ABI-1863 Bearing Race Seal
33 AN4-34A* Wheel Bolt
33a AN4-7A** Wheel Bolt
34 1154R Tire
34a 280X250-4-6** Tire
35 33478-202 Self Locking Nut
36 1/4”WASHER Flat Washer
37 T7201 Zerk Fitting
38 ABI-232-046 Dowel Pin
39 ABI-2602** Gasket

*Parts not included in ABI-3224A assembly
**Parts not included in ABI-3200B assembly
***Parts not included in assemblies