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3400-Series Tailwheel Assembly

The Bushwheel 3400-Series tailwheel assemblies are an FAA-PMA direct replacement for the Scott 3400 tailwheel assembly. They come standard black and completely lubed and ready for installation. The tailwheel head has been beefed up for strength and longevity, and it comes standard with a 1-1/8” tailwheel spring mounting hole and is the direct replacement for the McCauley/Cessna part number 0742155-7. To accommodate the 1”, 15/16”, and 7/8” tailspring there are spacers that are inserted inside the standard head. These spacers are ONLY applicable to the ABI-3412-M tailwheel head and cannot be used with a Scott 3412.

3400-Series Tailwheel Assembly  
ABI-3400-00 8” Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3450-00 10” Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3450-23 2-Bolt, 10” Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3400B Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly 
ABI-3400-3B 2-Bolt, Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly 
3400-Series Parts List  
1 ABI-3412-M Tailwheel Head
1a ABI-3450-23-M 2-Bolt Tailwheel Head
2 ABI-3423-01** 10” Fork
2a ABI-3413-01** 8” Fork
2b ABI-F2***** Wide Fork
3 ABI-3412-S.875*** 7/8” Head Spacer
4 ABI-3412-S.937*** 15/16” Head Spacer
5 ABI-3412-S1.00*** 1” Head Spacer
6 ABI-3412-02 Head Bolt
6a ABI-3412-05 Head Bolt
7 ABI-3233-00 Compression Spring
8 8231 Bearing Race
9 8118 Bearing
10 ABI-3407-00 Spacer
11 ABI-3219-00 Pawl
12 ABI-3411-02 Dust Cap, Upper
12a ABI-3411-07* Dust Cap, Upper
13 ABI-3408-00 Thrust Washer
13a ABI-3479-01* Fiber Thrust Washer
14 ABI-3408-01 .036 Fiber Thrust
15 ABI-3410-03**** Steering Arm (Bent)
16 ABI-3410-05**** Steering Arm
17 ABI-3408-02 .065 Fiber Thrust
18 ABI-3411-01 Dust Cap, Lower
18a ABI-3411-05* Dust Cap, Lower
19 ABI-232-046 Pin
20 A4050 Bearing
21 ABI-3225-00 Tab Lock Washer
22 ABI-2504-01 Spacer
23 ABI-3222-00 Compression Spring
24 ABI-3258-00 Spacer
25 ABI-3258-01 Spacer
26 ABI-3257-00 Pin
27 A4138 Bearing Race
28 ABI-1863 Grease Retainer
29 T7208 Zerk Fitting
30 33475-008 Castle Nut
31 ABI-3244-00 Wheel Half
32 ABI-3227-00 Spacer
32a ABI-S2***** Wide Spacer
33 T7201 Zerk Fitting
34 ABI-3236-C2** Axle
34a ABI-872***** Wide Axle
35 AN320-8 Nut
36 AN365-428A Nut
37 AN365-524A Nut
38 AN380-3-4 Cotter Pin
39 AN4-7A Wheel Bolt
40 AN5-27A Bolt
41 AN5-32A Bolt
42 AN960-416 Washer
43 AN960-516 Washer
44 AN960-516L Washer
45 NAS1149F0863P Washer
46 AN960-816L Washer
47 10×3.50-4** 10” Tire/Tube
48 280X250-4-6** 8” Tire/Tube

*Parts not included in any assemblies. Only for Locker.
**Parts not included in ABI-3400B assembly.
***Parts not included in any assemblies. By request only.
****For ABI-3450-00, must choose one or the other.
*****Parts only in ABI-3400B assembly. Not sold separately.