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6300-Series OHC Slick Magnetos

These lightweight overhauled magnetos, weighing only 3-3/4 lbs, carry a 6 month warranty and are FAA/PMA and OEM-approved on numerous Lycoming and Continental engine models. A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies on these items. Drive gears are not included. Remove all drive gears before returning cores. Impulse couplings are included – they must be included on all returned cores. All cores must be ‘like part numbers’ and must be in repairable condition. A.E.R.O. will no longer accept unrepairable cores on Bendix and Slick magnetos.

Type Rotation Lag
6309-OH-E Retard Breaker Right 35°
6310-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 30°
6313-OH-E Direct Drive Right
6314-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 30°
6320-OH-E Impulse Coupled Pressurized Right 30°
6324-OH-E Impulse Coupled Pressurized Left 30°
6331-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 35°
6340-OH-E Direct Drive Right
6350-OH-E Direct Drive Left
6351-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 35°
6355-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 45°
6360-OH-E Direct Drive Pressurized Left
6361-OH-E Impulse Coupled Pressurized Left 35°
6362-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 30°
6363-OH-E Retard Breaker Pressurized Left 30°
6364-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 35°
6365-OH-E Retard Breaker Pressurized Left 25°
6367-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 35°
6371-OH-E Tach Drive Left
6377-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 45°
6379-OH-E Impulse Coupled Left 45°
6380-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 30°
6382-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 30°
6390-OH-E Tach Drive Left
6391-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 25°
6393-OH-E Retard Breaker Left 37°
6394-OH-E Retard Breaker Right 30°
6399-OH-E Impulse Coupled Right 35°
*$300.00 core charge applies to 6300 magnetos