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Sky-Tec C12ST4 & C24ST4 Starters for
CMI Engines

The C12/24ST4 starter is the newest member of the Sky-Tec Continental starter line designed to minimize weight, at only 7.6 Lbs, while providing additional torque for larger bore Continental engines. The proven centrifugal release clutch from the ST3 is combined with the higher torque motor of the ST5 to provide a lightweight, high-torque, starter adapter friendly starter perfect for both 12V and 24V 470-powered aircraft.

Description Weight RPM Engine
C12ST4 C12ST4 Series Starter, 12V 7.6 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 11V O-300-D through TSIO-550
C24ST4 C24ST4 Series Starter, 24V 7.6 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 22V O-300-D through TSIO-550
*See Application Guide for Complete Engine Eligibility