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AERO-Classics HE Series Oil Coolers

AERO-Classics new HE (High Efficiency) Series oil coolers are intended to be a competitively priced option for those whose aircraft came with a Stewart Warner oil cooler. The HE Series comes with full FAA/PMA documentation and heat rejection capabilities that match or exceed the competition. The new HE Series oil coolers are approved for use on many Beech, Cessna, Grumman, Mooney, Robinson Helicopter, and other popular aircraft models.

Aircraft Model
Part Number
Stewart Warner
Part Number
Part Number
Cessna 162 8001535 10578R 10578R
Cessna 172R, 172S 8001588 10877A 10877A
Cessna 172N 8001599 10599R 10599R
Mooney M20, M20A,B,C,D,G; Hawker Beechcraft 19A, B19, A23, A23A, A23-24, A24, A24R, B23, C23 8001602 8406R 620036,
True Flight Holding LLC AA-5 (Tiger) 8001640 10568R 5505002-2
Cessna R182, TR182 8001643 10614R 10614R
Cessna 182, R182, TR182 8001646 10610R 10610R
Cessna P210 8001652 10634R 10634R
Mooney M20E,F,J 8001689 8432R 620016, 620052
Mooney M20E,F; Hawker Beechcraft A23-24 8001694 8432S 6200160501,
Cessna T206H, TP206A,B,C,D,E; TU206A,B,C,D,E,F,G 8001701 10865B 10865B
Cessna 206, 206H, P206, P206A,B,C,D,E; U206, U206A,B,C,D,E,F,G 8001713 10880A 10880A
Cessna T182, T182T, TR182 8001718 10891A 10891A
Robinson R44, R44 II 8001723 10886A 10886A
Cessna 172, 177RG 8001733 8406R 8406R