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Aeroflash Signal Accessories

Strobe lights are important safety warning devices. Every Aeroflash strobe light undergoes three quality control tests during manufacturing. In addition, each unit is inspected and tested before it is shipped. Aeroflash Signal® has consistently earned the highest vendor rating, “superior”, from Cessna, one of the most respected companies in the world.

Strobe Light Parts  
O12-7426 Resistor
O40-0043 Strobe Flashtube
O45-0001 Socket
O45-0004 Lamp Socket
O46-0002 Female Terminal
O46-0003 Male Terminal
O47-0002 Female Quick Disconnect
O73-0217 Cable Assy
O73-0271 Adapter Plug
O80-0025 Gasket
O80-0041 Gasket
101-0084A Signal Hold Down Ring
101-0230 Signal Mounting Flange
111-0007 Teardrop Lens
111-0013 Red Lens
151-0007C Clear Light Assembly, 24V
151-0007R Red Light Assembly, 24V
151-0017 Socket Assembly Red Lens
151-0008 Light Assembly
153-0005 Strobe Flashtube
Power Supplies  
152-0007 Power Supply, 12V/1.8A Draw, Clear Anodized
152-0010 Power Supply, 28V/1.0 Amp Draw, Gold Anodized
152-0011 Power Supply, 12V/2.7A Draw
152-0021 Power Supply, 28V/1.5A, Blue Anodized & Explosion Proof
152-0024 Power Supply, 28V