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Cylinder Assemblies for CMI Engines

The chart below lists the CMI engine eligibility for steel barrel cylinders along with nickel barrel cylinders if available.


Engine Eligibility
Nickel Barrel
Part Number
Steel Barrel
Part Number
E165, E185, E225; O-470-11 658627A2-SPC 658600A2-SPC
C75, C85, C125 N/A 658188A5-SPC*
C75, C85, C125 N/A 658319A6-SPC
C90, C145; O-200-A,B; O-300-A,C,D N/A 658188A2-SPC*
C90 N/A 658319A4-SPC
C145; O-200-A,B; O-300-A,C,D N/A 658319A2-SPC
GO-300 N/A 658188A4-SPC*
GO-300 N/A 658319A8-SPC
IO-240-A,B N/A 658601A3-SPC
IO-346-A 658622A2-SPC 658593A2-SPC**
IO-360-A,C,D,G,H,J,K,AB,CB,DB,GB,HB,JB,KB N/A 658602A3-SPC
IO-360-ES N/A 658601A3-SPC
IO-550-N,P,R 658623A2-SPC 658594A2-SPC
O-470-A,E,J 658626A3-SPC 658599A3-SPC
O-470-G7,G10,M,GCI; IO-470-C 658614A4-SPC 658597A4-SPC
O-470-G,K,L,R,S (Except G7,G10,M,GCI) 658614A3-SPC 658597A3-SPC
O-470-U 658612A3-SPC 658598A3-SPC
IO-470-J,K 658626A4-SPC 658599A4-SPC
IO-470-D–F,H,L,M,N,S,U,V 658612A4-SPC 658598A4-SPC
IO-520 All Models 658611A4-SPC 658552A4-SPC
IO-550-A–C 658611A3-SPC 658552A3-SPC
IO-550-D–F,L 658621A2-SPC 658592A2-SPC
IO-550-G; TSIO-520-BE 658613A5-SPC 658603A5-SPC
IO-550-N,P,R 658624A2-SPC 658595A2-SPC
TSIO-360-MB,RB,SB; LTSIO-360-RB N/A 658601A2-SPC
TSIO-520-BE 658613A8-SPC 658603A8-SPC
TSIO-470-B–D N/A 658598A5-SPC
TSIO/LTSIO-520-AE 658622A3-SPC 658593A3-SPC
TSIO-550-A–C,E 658613A4-SPC 658603A4-SPC
TSIO-550-G1B 658624A3-SPC 658595A3-SPC
GTSIO-520-C,D,H 658630A2-SPC 658591A2-SPC
GTSIO-520-F,K 658613A7-SPC 658603A7-SPC
GTSIO-520-L–N 658613A6-SPC 658603A6-SPC
*EQ6956 required for installation if changing from old style cylinders (If not previously installed)
**EQ6657 required for installation if replacing early style cylinders (If not previously installed)