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Air Boss® Overhauled Magnetos for
CMI Engines

A.E.R.O. is introducing a new level in magneto overhaul, with their Air Boss® overhauled magnetos for Continental engines, by adding more new parts. These deluxe overhauled magnetos contain all new electrical components, including new capacitors and coils thus providing an unmatched level of overhaul. Backed by an unprecedented one year, 500 hours warranty, the Air Boss® overhauled magneto brings a new level of value and dependability. The Air Boss® brand is brought to you by A.E.R.O. and dedicated to bringing quality and affordability to general aviation. All cores must be ‘like part numbers’ and must be in repairable condition. A.E.R.O. will no longer accept unrepairable cores on Bendix and Slick magnetos.

Engine Eligibility
Left Magneto
Part Number
Right Magneto
Part Number
A65, A75, C75-8, C85-8, C90-8 S4RSC-21 DX-500514-3-E S4RSC-204 DX-600644-3-E
A65, A75, C75-8, C85-8, C90-8 S4RSC-21 DX-500514-3-E S4RSC-21 DX-500514-3-E
C75-12,15; C85-12,14,15; C90-12,14,16 S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E
C90-12,14,16 S4LSC-200 DX-600614-3-E S4LSC-204 DX-600644-4-E
C125-2, C145-2,2H S6LSC-21 DX-500516-4-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-4-E
E165-2,3,4 S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E
E165-2,3,4 S6LSC-21 DX-500516-10-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-10-E
E185-1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11; E225-2,4,8,9 S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E
E185-1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11; E225-2,4,8,9 S6LSC-21 DX-500516-10-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-10-E
O-200-A–C S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E
O-200-A–C S4LSC-200 DX-600614-3-E S4LSC-204 DX-600644-4-E
O-200-A–C S4LN-1227 DX-349365-3-E S4LN-1227 DX-349365-3-E
IO-240-A; O-240-A,D S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 DX-500514-1-E
O-300-A–E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-4-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-4-E
O-300-A–E S6LSC-200 DX-600616-6-E S6LSC-204 DX-600646-3-E
IO-346-A,B S4LSC-201 DX-600604-1-E S4LSC-205 DX-600654-1-E
IO-360-A,C,CB,D,DB,ES S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E
IO-360-C,CB,D,G,GB S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25T DX-500556-203-E
IO-360-H,HB,J,JB,K,KB S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E
LTSIO-360-E,EB,KB S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
LTSIO-360-E,EB,KB S6RSC-25P DX-500556-103-E S6RSC-25P DX-500556-101-E
TSIO-360-A,AB,B S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E
TSIO-360-A,AB,C,CB,D,DB,H,HB,JB S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25T DX-500556-203-E
TSIO-360-E,EB,F,FB,GB,KB S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E S6LSC-25 DX-500556-3-E
TSIO-360-E,EB,F,FB,GB,KB,LB,MB S6LSC-25P DX-500556-103-E S6LSC-25P DX-500556-103-E
GIO-470-A S6LSC-201 DX-600606-3-E S6LSC-205 DX-600656-3-E
IO-470-C–H,P,R S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
IO-470-D–F,L–N,S,U,V S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
IO-470-F,J–L,N,S S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
IO-470-F,K S6RN-1201 DX-349220-5-E S6RN-1205 DX-349260-6-E
O-470-A,B,E,G,J–M,P,R S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
O-470-L,R S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
O-470-R,S,U S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
O-470-4,7,7A,7B,11,11B,13,13A,15 S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E S6LSC-21 DX-500516-3-E
TSIO-470-B–D S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
TSIO-470-B–D S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
GTSIO-520-C S6LSC-201 DX-600606-3-E S6LSC-205 DX-600656-3-E
GTSIO-520-D,F,H,K–N S6LN-1201 DX-349220-4-E S6LN-1205 DX-349260-7-E
GTSIO-520-D,H,L,N S6LN-1251 DX-349420-2-E S6LN-1255 DX-349460-2-E
IO-520-A,B,BA,BB,D,F,K S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
IO-520-A,B,BA,BB,C,CB,D,F,J,L S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
IO-520-BA,BB,E,M,MB S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
IO-520-BA,BB,C,CB,K S6RN-1201 DX-349220-5-E S6RN-1205 DX-349260-6-E
LTSIO-520-AE S6LN-1225 DX-349350-6-E S6LN-1225 DX-349350-7-E
TSIO-520-AE,AF S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
TSIO-520-B,BB,E,EB,WB S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
TSIO-520-BE S6RSC-25P DX-500556-101-E S6RSC-25P DX-500556-101-E
TSIO-520-C,D,DB,H,M,P,T,UB S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
TSIO-520-D,DB,J,JB,K,KB,L,LB,N,NB,UB,WB S6RN-1201 DX-349220-5-E S6RN-1205 DX-349260-6-E
TSIO-520-N,NB S6RN-1251 DX-349420-1-E S6RN-1255 DX-349460-1-E
IO-550-A S6RSC-201 DX-600606-1-E S6RSC-205 DX-600656-1-E
IO-550-D S6RN-1201 DX-349220-5-E S6RN-1205 DX-349260-6-E
IO-550-B–E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
IO-550-F,G S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E S6RSC-25 DX-500556-1-E
IO-550-L S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
TSIO-550-A,B S6RSC-25P DX-500556-101-E S6RSC-25P DX-500556-101-E
TSIOL-550-A S6RN-1251 DX-349420-1-E S6RN-1255 DX-349460-1-E
TSIOL-550-B S6RN-1225 DX-349350-4-E S6RN-1225 DX-349350-5-E
*Above Continental items are exchange; A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies.