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CMI Standard Mag Ignition Systems for
CMI Engines

A.E.R.O. is pleased to offer single magneto ignition systems. This kit comes with 2 magnetos, a harness, and correspondng gaskets. A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies to the magnetos. Core charge of $300.00 per kit applies.

Engine Eligibility
A-65,75; C-75-8; C-85-8; C-90-8 Single BL-400458-E
A-65,75; C-75-8; C-85-8; C-90-8 Dual BL-400459-E
C-75-12,15; C-85-12,14,15; C-90-12,14,16; O-200-A,B,C; O-240-A,D Dual BL-400452-E
C-125-2; C-145-2,2H; O-300-A-E Dual BL-400455-E
IO-360-A,C,CB,D,DB,ES,H,HB,J,JB,K,KB; TSIO-360-A,AB,B,E,EB,F,FB,GB,KB Dual BL-400475-E
TSIO-360-E,EB,F,FB,GB,KB,LB,MB Dual BL-400462-E
IO-470-F,K; IO-520-BA,BB,C,CB; IO-550-D; TSIO-520-D,DB,J,JB,K,KB,L,LB,N,NB,UB,WB N/A BL-400478-E
O-470-R,S,U; IO-470-F,J,K,L,N,S; IO-520-A,BA,BB,C,CB,D,F,J,L; IO-550-B-E,L; TSIO-520-AE,AF,C,D,DB,G,H,M,P,R,T,UB; TSIOL-550-B Dual R-658557-E
O-470-R; IO-470-D,E,F,L,M,N,S,U,V; IO-520-B,BA,BB,E,M,MB; IO-550-A; TSIO-470-B,C,D; TSIO-520-B,BB,E,EB,VB N/A BL-400443-E
O-470-A,B,E,M,P,R,S; IO-470-C-H,P,R; IO-520-A,BA,BB,D,F,K; IO-550-F; TSIO-470-B,C,D Dual BL-400451-E
O-470-G,J,K,L,2 Dual BL-400466-E
GTSIO-520-D,F,H,K,L,M,N N/A BL-400476-E