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Air Boss® Dual Mag Ignition Harnesses
for Lycoming Engines

The Air Boss® dual magneto ignition harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design allowing the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode. The tinned-copper, nickel plated braid shielding greatly reduces EMI, and the extremely flexible stainless steel wire provides optimum wire conductivity. The abrasion resistant, Air Boss® gold, polymer cover has been engineered specifically for the high-temperature environment of aircraft engines. Air Boss® – the brand dedicated to bringing quality and affordability to general aviation.

Engine Eligibility
O-320-H1AD,H2AD,H3AD; O-360-E1A6D 10-821414-4R-E
IO-360-A1B6D (Aero Service, GROB, Aero Engines, Socata Airframes) 10-821414-6R-E
IO-360-A1B6D (Cessna 177, Mooney M20J up to 1983) 10-821414-8R-E
IO-360-A1B6D Mooney M20J, 201, MSE 1984 and up) 10-821414-18R-E
IO-360-A1D6D,A1F6D,A3B6D,C1E6D,J1A6D; O-360-A1AD,A1LD,A3AD,A4AD,A5AD; TO-360-A1A6D,C1A6D 10-821414-6R-E
O-360-A1F6D (Cessna 177, SPAD, Schweizer, Con Air Airframes),A1G6D 10-821414-8R-E
O-360-A1G6D (w/Tachometer Breaker) 10-821444-6R-E
O-360-A1LD 10-821414-8R-E
HIO-360-E1AD 10-821415-12R-E
HIO-360-E1BD,F1AD 10-821425-12R-E
LO-360-A1G6D 10-821414-6R-E
LO-360-A1G6D 10-821444-6R-E
LO-360-E1A6D 10-821414-4R-E
LTO-360-E1A6D; TO-360-E1A6D 10-821414-14R-E
TIO-360-C1A6D, TO-360-F1A6D 10-821414-10R-E
IO-540-C4D5D,K1A5D,T4A5D,T4B5D,V4A5D,W1A5D,W3A5D; O-540-J1A5D,J1C5D,J2B5D,J2C5D,J3A5D,J3C5D,L3C5D 10-821614-6R-E
IO-540-K1A5D,K1E5D,K1G5D,L1A5D,L1B5D; TIO-540-AB1AD 10-821644-6R-E
IO-540-K1F5D,K1J5D,N1A5D,T4C5D; O-540-H1B5D,H2B5D,J1B5D; TIO-540-AA1AD,K1AD 10-821624-6R-E
IO-540-M1B5D,U1A5D 10-821615-4R-E
IO-540-M2A5D 10-821635-4R-E
O-540-J2A5D,J2B5D,J3A5D 10-821614-36R-E
AEIO-540-L1B5D; TIO-540-AB1AD 10-821614-6R-E
AEIO-540-L1B5D (w/Tachometer Breaker) 10-821644-6R-E
LTIO-540-F2BD,J2BD,N2BD,R2AD,V2AD; TIO-540-F2BD,J2BD,N2BD,R2AD,V2AD 10-821625-4R-E
TIO-540-S1AD 10-821615-20R-E
*Above items are exchange; A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies.