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Aspect Solar Chargers and Kits

Aspect Solar’s products are built to be lightweight, easy-to-carry, and safe for the environment. All of the full-size portable solar panels feature high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. The solar panels will always work with maximum efficiency. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are 3 times lighter, safe, stable, non-toxic, have no acid, lead, or known carcinogens, and have no risk of overheating, swelling, or other dangerous chemical reactions. Freedom is being able to go where you want without worrying about powering your devices. At AspectSolar, the passion is powering yours.

SOLARCHARGER The DUO-Flex2 Solar Charger is used to charge an AspectSolar SB-30 or SB-37 battery pack.
DUOFLEX2PRO Includes the power and versatility of the DUO-Flex2 portable solar panels charger and the SB-37A highest capacity portable battery pack.
EP-60 Charge the EnergyBar 250 in only 7 hours of sunlight
ENERGYBAR100 Provides the freedom to take your charge wherever you travel for your portable solar power needs.
ENERGYBAR250 Packs an 25 hours of portable solar power for smartphones, 3-4 hours for a laptop, or up to 10 hours for LED televisions.