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Overhauled Bendix Dual Magnetos for Lycoming Engines

If you demand quality and a quick turnaround, then these overhauled Bendix dual magnetos and FAA/PMA-approved replacement parts are your answer. Bendix dual magnetos can be infinitely overhauled. As a result, the Bendix magneto is more often overhauled than bought new, allowing for efficient, cost-effective use. *A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies to these magnetos. All cores must be ‘like part numbers’ and must be in repairable condition. A.E.R.O. will no longer accept unrepairable cores on Bendix and Slick magnetos.

Engine Eligibility
382 Series
Part Number
682 Series
Part Number
O-320-H2AD,H3AD 10-382555-14RK-E 10-682555-14RK-E
O-360-A1AD,A1F6D,A1LD,A3AD,A4AD,A5AD 10-382555-11RK-E 10-682555-11RK-E
O-360-E1A6D 10-382555-14RK-E 10-682555-14RK-E
HIO-360-E1AD 10-382555-13RK-E 10-682555-13RK-E
HIO-360-E1BD,F1AD 10-382605-13RK-E 10-682605-13RK-E
IO-360-A1B6D,A3B6D,C1E6D 10-382555-11RK-E 10-682555-11RK-E
IO-360-A1D6D,C1E6D,J1A6D 10-382555-13RK-E 10-682555-13RK-E
LO-360-A1G6D 10-382555-14RK-E 10-682555-14RK-E
LO-360-E1A6D 10-382555-15RK-E 10-682555-15RK-E
LTO-360-E1A6D 10-382555-13RK-E 10-682555-13RK-E
AEIO-540-LIB5D,K1G5D,U1A5D 10-382560-13RK-E 10-682560-13RK-E
10-382560-11RK-E 10-682560-11RK-E
LTIO-540-F2BD,J2BD 10-382910-18RK-E 10-682910-18RK-E
TIO-540-S1AD,AB1AD 10-382560-13RK-E 10-682560-13RK-E
IO-720 Series 10-382620-11RK-E 10-682620-11RK-E
*The 382-Series magneto cores are not acceptable core returns on the 682-Series magnetos.