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Cessna Seat Stop Kits

These kits contain FAA-PMA and industry standard components and include one heat-treated seat stop and all installation hardware. Designed to restrict forward or backward seat movements. Fits many Cessna models except 170, 190, 195, 303, and 337.

Cessna Seat Stop Kits  
Description Kit Contents
SEAT-STOP-KIT-1 U Shape 1 U Shape Seat Stop, 1 Cotter Key, 1 Clevis Pin
SEAT-STOP-KIT-2 Bar Style 1 Bar Style Seat Stop, 1 Screw
SEAT-STOP-KIT-3 Most 150 1 U Shape Seat Stop, 1 Cotter Key, 1 Clevis Pin, 2 Spacers


Cessna Seat Stop Kits Eligibility  
Standard Seats    
150F*,G,H,J,K,L* 15063763–15073658 SEAT-STOP-KIT-3
A150K,L* A1500001–A1500342 SEAT-STOP-KIT-3
F150G,H,J,K,L* F1500068–F15000863 SEAT-STOP-KIT-3
FA150K,L* FA1500001–FA1500166 SEAT-STOP-KIT-3
172A-C 28000–17249544 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
172D–I,K–N,P*,Q 17249545–17276516 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
F172M,N,P F17200905–F17202238 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
FR172E,F,J,K FR17200001–FR17200675 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
P172 P17257120–P17257188 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
172P* 17276517–17276673 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
F172P F17202239–F17202254 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
R172K R1722000–R1723454 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
172RG 172RG0001–172RG1191 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
175 55001–17557119 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
177A,B 17700001–17702752 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
177RG 177RG0001–177RG1366 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
180A–H,J,K 30000–18053203 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
182A–H 33000–18256684 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
182J–N,P–R 18256685–18268586 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
F182P,Q F18200001–F18200169 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
FR182 FR18200001–FR18200070 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T182 18267716–18268541 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
R182/TR182 R18200001–R18202041 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
185A–E, A185E,F 1850001–18504448 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
188A, A188A 1880001–18800832 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
188B* 188002349–18803846, 188002349T–18803968T SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
188B 18800833–18802348 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
A188B* 18800967T–18802348T SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T188C T18803297T–T18803968T SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
Infinitely Adjustable Seats  
188B 18800833–18802348 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
A188B* 18800967T–18802348T SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
Pilot, Copilot & Middle Seats  
205A 205-0001–205-0577 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
Standard Pilot & Copilot Seats
206 206-0001–206-0275 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
P206/TP206A–D P206-0001–P206-0603 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
P206/TP206E P20600604–P20600647 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
U206/TU206A–D U206-0276–U206-1444 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
U206/TU206E* U20601445–U20601587 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
U206/TU206E*,F,G U20601588–U20607020 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
207*, T207* 20700001–20700215 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
207*, T207* 20700216–20700788 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
210A–H,J–N,R 57001–21065009 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T210 T210-0001–T210-0454 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T210F–H,J T2100001–T2100454 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
P210N,R P2100001–P21000874 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
Infinitely Adjustable Pilot & Copilot Seats  
U206/TU206E* U20601445–U20601587 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
P206/TP206E P206-0604–P206-0647 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
207*, T207* 20700149–20700215 SEAT-STOP-KIT-2
Middle Seats  
206, U206A–G 206-0001–206-0275 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
TU206A–G U206-0276–U20607020 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
P206A–E P206-0001–P206-0647 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
TP206A–E P206-0001–P206-0647 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
207*, 207/T207A, T207* 20700001–20700788 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
210K–N,R 21059200–21065009 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T210K–N,R 21059200–21065009 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
P210N,R P21000001–P210000867 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
Rear Seats  
210D–H,J 21058221–21059199 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1
T210 T210-0001–T210-0454 SEAT-STOP-KIT-1