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CMI Factory Rebuilt Bendix Magnetos for
Lycoming Engines

Continental factory rebuilt bendix magnetos meet new standards, including all current parts and processes, and are tested 100%. These magnetos incorporate all of the latest updates and service bulletin compliance during the remanufacturing process. Impulse coupling type magnetos include a new coupling. All cores must be ‘like part numbers’ and must be in repairable condition. A.E.R.O. will no longer accept unrepairable cores on Bendix and Slick magnetos.

Engine Eligibility
Left Magneto
Part Number
Right Magneto
Part Number
O-235-C1,C1A,C1C,C2A,C2C,E1,E2A,F1,F2A,G1,G2A, H2C,J2A,K2A,M2C,M3C,N2C,P2C,P3C S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E
O-235-C1,C1A,C1C,C2A,C2C,E1,E2A,F1,F2A,G1,G2A, H2C,J2A,K2A,M2C,M3C,N2C,P2C,P3C S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-290-D11,D2,D2A,D2B S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-290-D11,D2,D2A,D2B,D2C S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E
O-290-D2C S4LSC-200 BL-600614-1-E S4SC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-320-A–E Series S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E
O-320-A–E Series S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-360-A1A,A1H,A2A,A2H,A4A,A4J,A4K,A4M,A4N,C1A, C1E,C1G S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-360-F1A6 S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E S4LSC-21 BL-500514-1-E
IO-360-A1A,B1A,B1B,B1C,B1D S4LSC-200 BL-600614-1-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
IO-360-A1D S4LSC-21 BL-500514-2-E S4LSC-204 BL-600644-1-E
O-540-A1C5,A4B5,A4C5,H1A5 S6LSC-21 BL-500516-2-E S6LSC-21 BL-500516-2-E
O-540-A1A5,A1B5,A2B,A4A5,B1B5,B2B5,B4B5,E4B5, F1B5 S6LSC-21 BL-500516-2-E S6LSC-204 BL-600646-1-E
S6LSC-200 BL-600616-3-E S6LSC-204 BL-600646-1-E
*Above Lycoming items are exchange; A.E.R.O. core charge and policy applies.