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CMI Remanufactured Fuel Systems

Continental remanufactured fuel system kits come complete with a pump, throttle control, manifold valves, lines, and nozzles. Continental factory rebuilt fuel system kits offer new reliable quality at overhaul prices. The fuel system kits listed below are the most commonly used fuel systems for the engines specified. For an exact spec application, contact us at 800.362.3044.

GTSIO-520-C Basic 649055A1R-T-E
GTSIO-520-H, LH Basic 649058A1R-T-E
GTSIO-520-H, RH Basic 649058A2R-T-E
GTSIO-520-L, LH Basic 649055A5R-T-E
GTSIO-520-L, RH Basic 649055A6R-T-E
GTSIO-520-M Basic 649055A7R-T-E
GTSIO-520-N Basic N/A
IO-240-A Basic 649059A1R-T-E
IO-240-B Basic 649059A2-8R-T-E
IO-360-A Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-AB Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-C Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-CB Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-D Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-DB Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-G Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-GB Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-J Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-K Basic 649050A1R-T-E
IO-360-KB Basic 649050A1-5R-T-E
IO-470-C Basic 649056A1R-T-E
IO-470-D Basic 649056A2-1R-T-E
IO-470-E Basic 649056A2-3R-T-E
IO-470-F Basic 649056A3R-T-E
IO-470-H Basic 649056A5R-T-E
IO-470-J Basic 649056A6R-T-E
IO-470-K Basic 649056A7R-T-E
IO-470-L Basic 649056A8R-T-E
IO-470-M Basic 649056A9R-T-E
IO-470-N Basic 649056A10R-T-E
IO-470-S Basic 649056A12R-T-E
IO-470-U Basic 649056A2-2R-T-E
IO-470-V Basic 649056A13R-T-E
IO-520-A Basic 649052A8-1R-T-E
IO-520-B Basic 649052A1-1R-T-E
IO-520-BA Basic 649052A1R-T-E
IO-520-BB Basic 649052A2R-T-E
IO-520-C Basic 649052A3R-T-E
IO-520-CB Basic 649052A4R-T-E
IO-520-D Basic 649052A6R-T-E
IO-520-E Basic 649052A7R-T-E
IO-520-F Basic 649052A8R-T-E
IO-520-J Basic 649052A8-1R-T-E
IO-520-K Basic 649052A8-5R-T-E
IO-520-L Basic 649052A8R-T-E
IO-520-M Basic 649052A9R-T-E
IO-520-MB Basic 649052A10R-T-E
IO-550-A Basic 649053A4R-T-E
IO-550-B Basic 649053A1-9R-T-E*
IO-550-B Basic 649053A1-11R-T-E
IO-550-C Basic 649053A2R-T-E*
IO-550-C Basic 649053A2-2R-T-E
IO-550-D Basic 649052A11-4R-T-E
IO-550-D Basic 649052A11-5R-T-E*
IO-550-E Basic 649053A3-9R-T-E*
IO-550-E Basic 649053A3-11R-T-E
IO-550-F Basic 649053A3-6R-T-E*
IO-550-F Basic 649053A6-1R-T-E
IO-550-G Basic 649053A5R-T-E
IO-550-L Basic 649053A3-6R-T-E*
IO-550-L Basic 649053A6-1R-T-E
IO-550-N Basic 649053A5R-T-E
LTSIO-360-E Basic 649051A6R-T-E
LTSIO-360-EB Basic 649051A6R-T-E
LTSIO-360-KB Basic 649051A7R-T-E
LTSIO-360-RB Basic 649051A9-2R-T-E
LTSIO-520-AE Basic 649054A3-1R-T-E
TSIO-360-A Basic 649051A8R-T-E
TSIO-360-AB Basic 649051A8R-T-E
TSIO-360-C Basic 649051A1R-T-E
TSIO-360-CB Basic 649051A1R-T-E
TSIO-360-D Basic 649051A1R-T-E
TSIO-360-DB Basic 649051A1R-T-E
TSIO-360-E Basic 649051A2R-T-E
TSIO-360-EB Basic 649051A2R-T-E
TSIO-360-F Basic 649051A2R-T-E
TSIO-360-FB Basic 649051A2R-T-E
TSIO-360-H Basic 649051A2-1R-T-E
TSIO-360-HB Basic 649051A2-1R-T-E
TSIO-360-JB Basic 649051A2-2R-T-E
TSIO-360-KB Basic 649051A4R-T-E
TSIO-360-LB Basic 649051A5R-T-E
TSIO-360-MB Basic 649051A9R-T-E
TSIO-360-RB Basic 649051A9-3R-T-E
TSIO-360-SB Basic 649051A9-4R-T-E
TSIO-520-AE Basic 649054A2-1R-T-E
TSIO-520-AF Basic 649054A5R-T-E
TSIO-520-B Basic 649054A7R-T-E
TSIO-520-BB Basic 649054A8R-T-E
TSIO-520-BE Basic 649054A6R-T-E
TSIO-520-C Basic 649054A9R-T-E
TSIO-520-CE Basic 649054A10R-T-E
TSIO-520-D Basic 649054A11R-T-E
TSIO-520-DB Basic 649054A12R-T-E
TSIO-520-E Basic 649054A13R-T-E
TSIO-520-EB Basic 649054A13-3R-T-E
TSIO-520-G Basic 649054A14R-T-E
TSIO-520-H Basic 649054A9R-T-E
TSIO-520-JB Basic 649054A15-2R-T-E
TSIO-520-K Basic 649054A19R-T-E
TSIO-520-KB Basic 649054A19-2R-T-E
TSIO-520-L Basic 649054A23-1R-T-E
TSIO-520-LB Basic 649054A23R-T-E
TSIO-520-M Basic 649054A16R-T-E
TSIO-520-N Basic 649054A27R-T-E**
TSIO-520-NB Basic 649054A27-2R-T-E**
TSIO-520-P Basic 649054A16R-T-E
TSIO-520-R Basic 649054A16R-T-E
TSIO-520-T Basic 649054A35R-T-E
TSIO-520-UB Basic 649054A36-9R-T-E
TSIO-520-VB Basic 649054A37R-T-E
TSIO-520-WB Basic 649054A23-2R-T-E
TSIO-550-A Basic 649054A6R-T-E
TSIO-550-B Basic 649054A6-1R-T-E
TSIO-550-C Basic 649054A6R-T-E
TSIO-550-E Basic 649054A6R-T-E
*Includes altitude compensating fuel pump 
**Includes fuel pressure regulator