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Superior Cold Air Sump Kit for Lycoming Engines

Superior Air Parts experimental front induction cold air sump kit includes the cast aluminum sump and induction assembly, gaskets, hardware, hoses, and intake pipes to retrofit existing 360 parallel head engine sumps on experimental aircraft.

SV78950-KIT 180HP Parallel Valve Kit for IO-360 (req. 4 intake pipes)
SV78950-KIT-2 Angle-Head Kit for Lycoming Engine (req. 4 intake pipes)
SV78950-KIT-3 Horizontal Front Facing Kit for O/IO-320 (req. 4 intake pipes)
SV78945 180HP Intake Pipes for SV78950-KIT (4 ea. req.)
SV78947 150-160HP Intake Pipes for SV78950-KIT-3 (4 ea.req.)
SX78946 200HP Intake Pipe for SV78950-KIT-2 (4 ea. req.)