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Continental Replacement Belts

Continental generator belts are non-slipping mechanical drive belts. They are made as a flexible belt with teeth molded onto their inner surface. When correctly tensioned, they have no slippage and are often used to transfer motion for indexing. These belts have two failure modes, one gradual and one catastrophic. Both increase their risk over time, so it is common for highly-stressed belts to be given a service lifetime and to be replaced before this. Although worn teeth may be detectable by careful inspection, internal deterioration is not considered to be reliably detectable, and so the observance of service lifetimes is important.

539547-30.00 Generator Belt 30.00″ Length
539547-31.19 Generator Belt 31.19″ Length
539547-32.00 Generator Belt 32.00″ Length
539547-33.50 Generator Belt 33.50″ Length
539547-35.00 Generator Belt 35.00″ Length