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Cylinder Base Wrench Sets

The ATS cylinder base wrench set contains all 4 twelve-point cylinder base wrenches in 1/2” drive. Overall length 13-1/2”. Heat-treated. Used on all Continental engines and older Lycoming engines. The Lycoming cylinder base wrench set contains two (2) allen-type (internal hex) wrenches. Sizes are 1/2” and 3/8” and both have a 1/2” square drive. Made of drop-forged 4130 steel and hardened to 48 Rockwell. Wrenches sold separately. The CMI cylinder wrench is designed for easy access to nuts on the 550-Series engines. Standard 1/2″ square drive. 13″ overall length. This wrench is also used on the 7th order stud of the GTSIO520BA.

Description Includes
2882-5 ATS Cylinder Base Wrench Set (4) twelve-point cylinder base wrenches (sizes: 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, and 3/4”) in 1/2” drive
2882-1/2 ATS Cylinder Base Wrench 1/2” N/A
2882-3/4 ATS Cylinder Base Wrench 3/4” N/A
2882-5/8 ATS Cylinder Base Wrench 5/8” N/A
2882-9/16 ATS Cylinder Base Wrench 9/16” N/A
6494-SET Lycoming Cylinder Base Wrench Set (2) Allen-type (internal hex) wrenches specifically designed to install and remove Lycoming cylinder base nuts
6494-3 Cylinder Base Wrench 3/8″  
8158A CMI 550-Series Cylinder Wrench 9/16″ N/A