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Drill Rite™ Sheet Metal Drill Bits

The Jobber length drill bits and the 12” extension drill bits are surface treated to resist abrasion and minimize tendency of soft metals to load drill, making it ideally suited for drilling aluminum and mild steel. Its 135° split-point angle prevents walking and it is made of hardened high speed steel.

Description Size Diameter
Length (L1)
Length (L)
O14-10 12” Extension Drill Bit #10 0.1935” 2.4375” 12.000”
O14-20 12” Extension Drill Bit #20 0.1610” 2.1250” 12.000”
O14-30 12” Extension Drill Bit #30 0.1285” 1.6250” 12.000”
O14-40 12” Extension Drill Bit #40 0.0980” 1.3750” 12.000”