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E-Z Heat Preheaters

The E-Z Heat system makes for more reliable starts in cold weather. When proper engine preheating is accomplished, the engine will operate much like it does in warmer conditions, and premature engine wear and internal damage can be reduced. With a cold soaked engine, the oil is very thick and will not be able to reach vital engine components until warmed sufficiently. All the different materials that make up the engine expand and contract at different rates, causing additional friction between these engine components. These major causes of premature engine damage due to cold weather starts can be virtually eliminated with the installation of the proven E-Z Heat aircraft engine heater.

Volts Watts Engine
EZ360 110/120V 300W A65 thru O-200 Engines
EZ440 110/120V 300W C125 thru O-300; E165 thru E225; IO-360 thru TIO-360; O-235, O-290, O-320 (H2AD & Rear Carb), IO-360, O-540, IO-540, TIO-540-C Engines
EZ441 110/120V (Available in 220V) 300W O-320 (Not H2AD or Rear Carb), O-360, IO-360, O-470, IO-470, O-520, IO-520, O-540, IO-540, TIO-540 Engines
EZ442 110/120V 300W IO-360-A,C Series Engines
EZ540 110/120V (Available in 220V) 300W O-470, IO-470, O-520, IO-520, IO-540-A,B,E,G,K,M,S,P; TIO-540, IO-720 Engines
EZ912 110/120V 300W Light Sport 912/914 Family Engines