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Hartzell (Prestolite) Bendix Starter Drives

Hartzell Engine Technologies starter drives are made of the highest quality materials. This superior design yields the greatest durability available for your starting performance.

Part Number Description
EBB-75A MHB-4001,4002,4003,4007,4010,4011,4012,4013,4218,4220,6016,6018; MZ-4205,4206,4207,4217,6222,6224,6226
EBB-124A MMU-4001, MZ-4204
EBB-131A MHB-4016,4017,4018,4019,4020; MZ-4221,4222,4223,4224,4225,4226
EBB-142A MHB-4009,4014,6014; MZ-4216,4220,6220
EBB-224A MMU-6001, MZ-6204