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Ignition Switches

Continental/Bendix ignition switches are the OEM switches in most aircraft applications. Modern airplane engines are required by FAA to have a dual ignition system, which is two separate magnetos to supply the electric current to the two spark plugs contained in each cylinder. For that reason the ignition switch has four positions: OFF, L, R, and BOTH. With the switch in the “L” or “R” position, only one magneto is supplying current and only one set of spark plugs in each cylinder is firing. With the switch in the BOTH position, both magnetos are supplying current, and both spark plugs are firing.

Description Includes
10-357200-1 Twist to Start, Right-Left-Both-Start Two keys
10-357210-1 Push to Start, Right-Left-Both-Start Push Two keys
10-357230-1 Twist to Start Lever Type,Right-Left-Both-Start N/A
10-357240-1 Push to Start Lever Type, Right-Left-Both-Start Push N/A
10-357250-1 Twist To Start Push To Prime Lever Type, Right-Left-Both-Push to Prime Start N/A
10-357260-1 Twist to Start Lever Type (w/o Lever), Right-Left-Both-Start N/A
10-357290-1 GM Type, Right-Left-Both Two keys