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Kelly Aerospace Bendix S200 Series Repair Kits

Bendix magneto repair kits by Kelly Aerospace are designed to make the Bendix magneto overhaul process easier by providing all of the regularly needed overhaul parts in one convenient kit. The primary repair kit contains the parts needed for minor repairs, and the deluxe repair kit contains the parts needed for a major repair, such as a magneto overhaul. These parts are the highest quality direct replacement parts and are FAA/PMA-approved.

Primary                   Deluxe
Primary Repair
Kit Parts
Qty Deluxe Repair
Kit Parts
Contact Assembly Kit (3) 1 Contact Assembly Kit (3) 1
Capacitor 1 Coil Kit 1
Bearings 2 Distributor Block Kit 1
Oil Seal 1 Gear Kit 1
Oil Slinger 1 Capacitor 1
Woodruff Keys 1 Bearings 2
Cotter Pin 1 Oil Seal 1
Cam Screw 1 Oil Slinger 1
Felt Washer 1 Woodruff Keys 3
Felt Strip 1 Cotter Pin 1
Snap Ring 1 Cam Screw 1
Carbon Brush 1 Felt Washer 1
    Felt Strip 1
    Snap Ring 1
Part Number
Primary Repair
Kit Part Number
Deluxe Repair
Kit Part Number
10-163015-1,2,3,4 S4R(L)N-201* AB-200445-R AB-200445-D
10-163020-1,2,3,4 S6R(L)N-201* AB-200645-R AB-200645-D
10-163030-1,4 S6R(L)N-204 AB-200645-R AB-200645-D
10-163045-1 S4LN-204 AB-200485-R AB-200485-D
10-163045-2 S4RN-204 AB-200484-R AB-200484-D
10-163045-3 S4LN-204 AB-200485-R AB-200485-D
10-163045-4 S4RN-204 AB-200484-R AB-200484-D
10-163045-6 S4LN-204 AB-200485-R AB-200485-D
10-163045-7 S4RN-204 AB-200484-R AB-200484-D
10-163050-1,2,3,5 S6LN-204 AB-200685-R AB-200685-D
10-163050-6,7,8 S6RN-204 AB-200684-R AB-200684-D
10-163050-9 S6LN-204 AB-200685-R AB-200685-D
10-163055-1 S4RN-205 AB-200484-R AB-200484-D
10-163055-2 S4LN-205 AB-200485-R AB-200485-D
10-163060-1 S6RN-205 AB-200684-R AB-200684-D
10-163060-2 S6RN-205 AB-200685-R AB-200685-D
10-163070-1,3 S6RN-206 AB-200685-R AB-200685-D
10-600604-1 S4RSC-201* AB-200445SC-R AB-200445SC-D
10-600606-1 S6RSC-201* AB-200645SC-R AB-200645SC-D
10-600606-3 S6LSC-201* AB-200645SC-R AB-200645SC-D
10-600614-1,2,3 S4LSC-200* AB-200445SC-R AB-200445SC-D
10-600616-3,5,6 S6LSC-200* AB-200645SC-R AB-200645SC-D
10-600616-4,7 S6RSC-200* AB-200645SC-R AB-200645SC-D
10-600616-101 S6LSC-200P* AB-200645SC-R AB-200645SC-D
10-600644-1,4 S4LSC-204 AB-485SC-R AB-485SC-D
10-600644-3,5 S4RSC-204 AB-484SC-R AB-484SC-D
10-600644-201 S4LSC-204T AB-485SC-R AB-485SC-D
10-600654-1 S4RSC-205 AB-484SC-R AB-484SC-D
10-600646-1,2,3 S6LSC-204 AB-685SC-R AB-685SC-D
10-600646-4 S6RSC-204 AB-684SC-R AB-684SC-D
10-600646-101 S6LSC-204P AB-685SC-R AB-685SC-D
10-600646-201 S6LSC-204T AB-685SC-R AB-685SC-D
10-600656-1 S6RSC-205 AB-684SC-R AB-684SC-D
10-600656-2 S6LSC-205 AB-685SC-R AB-685SC-D

*The Primary Repair Kit and Deluxe Repair Kit for the Bendix 200, 201, and 202 Series Magnetos contain two sets of Contact Assembly Kits