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Lycoming Replacement Belts

Lycoming generator, alternator, and compressor belts are non-slipping mechanical drive belts. They are made as a flexible belt with teeth molded onto their inner surface. When correctly tensioned, they have no slippage and are often used to transfer motion for indexing. These belts have two failure modes, one gradual and one catastrophic. Both increase their risk over time, so it is common for highly-stressed belts to be given a service lifetime and to be replaced before this. Although worn teeth may be detectable by careful inspection, internal deterioration is not considered to be reliably detectable, and so the observance of service lifetimes is important.

37A19773-350 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-357 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-367 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-372 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-376 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-380 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-382 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-396 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-440 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-460 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-464 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773-470 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide
37A19773M380 Generator Belt .380″ Wide, Set of 2
37A19773M396 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide, Set of 2
37A19773M410 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide, Set of 3
37A19773M464 Alternator Belt .380″ Wide, Set of 4
37B19774-325 Generator Belt
37B19774-341 Generator Belt
37B19774-374 Generator Belt
37B19774-380 Compressor Belt
37B19774-384 Generator Belt
37B19774-412 Compressor Belt
37B19774-446 Freon Compressor Belt
37B19774-460 Compressor Belt
37B19774-472 Freon Compressor Belt
37D21992 Alternator Belt, 11mm
37D22355 Alternator Belt, 11mm