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Marvel-Schebler® Carburetors for CMI Engines

The venerable and trusted Marvel-Schebler® trademark has long been recognized as the premier design of aviation carburetors since the 1930’s. A.E.R.O. stocks carburetors manufactured by Marvel-Schebler Aircraft Carburetors LLC, continuing with the implementation of modern manufacturing practices and engineered product improvements to ensure delivery of outstanding carbureted fuel controls. Our carburetors are offered in new, overhauled, and rebuilt models.

Engine Eligibility
Engine Manufacturer
Part Number
A65-8, A75 10-4233-O-V-E 627365 MA-3PA™
C75-8,12; C85-12 10-4240-1-O-V-E 627366 MA-3SPA™
C90-8F,12F,14F,16F 10-4252-2-O-V-E 627367 MA-3SPA™
C90-16F 10-5082-O-V-E 637835 MA-3SPA™
O-200-A,B 10-4894-1-O-V-E 633028 MA-3SPA™
O-300-A,C,D; C-145 10-4895-1-O-V-E 633029 MA-3SPA™
O-470-J 10-3859-1-O-V-E 538872 MA-4-5™
O-470-K,L,R,S 10-4893-1-O-V-E 641139 MA-4-5™
O-470-U 10-5284-O-V-E 646232 MA-4-5™
O-470-U w/STC 1153AT 10-6050-O-V-E 10-6050 MA-4-5™
GO-300-A,A1,C,C6,D,D2,D6 10-4171-O-V-E 626789 MA-4-5™