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Misc Accessories

The Citabria pop rivet is used instead of rib lacing cord as a mechanical fastener. The grommets and inspection rings are made from CAB molded plastic. The standard drain grommets measure 3/4” OD and 5/16” ID. The seaplane grommets measure 1-1/8” OD, .032” skirt, and 9/16” x 3/16” lip opening. The inspection rings are applied to the fabric using U500. The domed inspection plate is an aluminum snap-style plate that snaps into the inspection ring at two points.

483-15 Inspection Ring
AD43ABS-LF Citabria Pop Rivets, Qty of 100
L271 Seaplane Grommets, Qty of 100
L274 Drain Grommets, Qty of 100
SF-225 Domed Inspection Plate