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Plane-Power STC Certified Gear
Driven Alternator Conversion Kits

Plane-Power STC certified gear driven alternator conversion kits include a Plane-Power gear driven alternator and a new Plane-Power voltage regulator for replacing the existing generator on small block Continental engines. Uses existing late style Continental gear assembly or optional Plane-Power ER14-GR gear assembly.

ER14-50 STC Certified Gear Driven Conversion Kit – 12/14 Volts, 50 Amps
ER14-GR Gear Drive designed for use with the ER14-50
G-Pack Required for use with existing drive gear when generator shaft is > 0.5” dia.
Aircraft Manufacturer
(Type Certificate Holder)
Original Type Cert #
Aero Commander A-3 A-758
Aerodifusion D-1190S A11IN
Aeronca (Burl A. Rogers) 15AC, S15AC A-802
All American Aircraft 10A A-792
American Champion 7EC, 7ECA, 7FC, 7JC, S7EC A-759
American Champion 402 A3CE
Avions Jodel D-1190 A10IN
Avions Jodel 150 A14IN
Avions Jodel DR-1050 A4IN
Cessna 150, 150A-H,J-M; A150K-M 3A19
Cessna 140A 5A2
Cessna 120, 140 A-768
Cessna 170, 170A,B A-799
Cessna 172, 172A-H 3A12
Commonwealth Aircraft 185 A-729
Culver (Superior Aircraft Company) Culver V, V2 A-778
Edward Scott Kearns Trojan A-2 A-801
Ercoupe 415-D,E,G,F-1,F-1A,A-2,A2-A,M10 A-787
Ercoupe 415-C,CD; equipped w/C75-12,12F; C85-12,12F engine A-718
Goodyear Aircraft GA-22A 1A12
Luscombe 11A A-804
Maule Bee Dee M-4,4C,4S,4T 3A23
Meyers MAC-125C,145 3A1
Navion Navion (Army L-17A), Navion A (Army L-17B & L-17C) A-782
Piper (FS 2001 Corp.) J5A (Army L-4F), equipped w/C75-12 engine A-725
Piper J3C-65 (Army L-4,4A,4B (Navy NE-1); L-4H,4J (Navy NE-2)); J3C-65S, equipped w/C75-12 engine A-691
Piper J4A, equipped w/C85-12 Engine A-703
Piper J4E (Army L-4E), equipped w/C75-12 engine A-740
Piper PA-18,19; (PA-18S,19S equipped w/C90-12F engine) 1A2
Raytheon 45 (YT-34) 5A3
Raytheon 35, A35, B35, 35R, G35, (C35, D35, E35, F35, equipped w/E225-8 engine) A-777
Socata Rallye MS880B, MS885, 100S 7A14
Swift Museum Foundation GC-1A,1B A-766
Taylorcraft 15A, equipped w/C145-2 engine 3A3
Taylorcraft 2000 19 1A9
Taylorcraft 2000 BC12D-4-85, BCS12D-4-85 A-696
The Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation 8E, 8F, T-8F A-694
Thorp (AD Aerospace Inc) T-211 A-791
Thomas H. McClish (Funk) B85C A-715