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Rosen Adjustable Arm Systems

The Rosen Adjustable Arm Systems (formerly NSA systems) feature optically-balanced transparent lenses to prevent color distortion and an integrated adjustable articulation arm. The multi-axis feature increases sun visor placement options and extends coverage with sliding capability. These general aviation systems offer quick and easy installation.

R1160401-002 Cessna 320 Replacement Lens
R1180302-1 Cessna 303 Replacement Lens, Pilot Side
R1180302-2 Cessna 303 Replacement Lens, Copilot Side
R1181300-0 Cessna 421B NSA System (RC300/400-300-1 System w/R1181201 Special Swivel)
R1381000-3 Cessna 350, 400 (Formerly Columbia 350/400) NSA System w/Bkts & Adhesive
R1381202-1 Cessna 350, 400 Replacement Lens, Pilot
R1381202-2 Cessna 350, 400 Replacement Lens, Copilot
R14300 Cessna 350, 400 Adhesive Kit
RC208-300-1 Cessna 208 NSA System
RC300/400-300-1 Cessna 400 (414, 421, most 421) NSA System (N/A 401 & 402) If goose neck style, order system PN R1181300-0
RC303-300-1 Cessna T303 NSA System (R1182100-0)
RC320-300-1 Cessna 320 NSA System
RC337-300-1 Cessna 337 NSA System
RCS-200-1 Cessna NSA Standard Lens
RCS-200-1A Cessna NSA Modified Lens, 3rd Axis
RCS208-200-1 Cessna 208 Replacement Lens Only
RCS-300-1 120, 140, 150–207 NSA Side Mount System (N/A 177, 190, 195)
RCS-300-2 172–207 NSA Center Mount System (N/A 177, 190, 195)
RCS-300-3 Cessna 210 NSA System
RCS-300-4 Cessna P210 NSA System
RCS-300-5 Cessna 177 Cardinal NSA System
RCS-300-6 Cessna 310, 340 NSA System (Replaces Factory Ball-Joint Mount Only)
R1740000 Cirrus NSA System
R1740201 Cirrus Lens Only
R1430000-0 Commander 114 NSA System (SN 381 and up)
R1430401-2 Commander Replacement Lens
REMB-110-200-2 Embraer 110 Replacement, NSA Lens Only
REMB-110-300-2 Embraer 110 NSA System
RGT-200-1 Grumman Lens
RGT-300-1 Grumman-1 NSA System (Canopy Mount)
RGT-300-2 Grumman-2 NSA System (Windshield Mount)
1710200-114 Husky NSA System
R1710202 Husky Lens
RJS-31-300-2 Jetstream 31 NSA System
RJS31-200-1 Jetstream 31 Lens
RLAN-200-1 Lancair-4 Lens
RLAN-300-4 Lancair IV NSA System
R1710000-011 Tube Mount System, 3/4” Diameter
R1710201 Tube Mount Replacement Lens Only
R2010000-0 Maverick NSA System (No STC)
RMU2-200-1 MU2 Replacement Lens
RMU2-300-1 MU2 (SN up to 164)
RMU2-300-2 MU2 (SN 165 and up)
RMY-200-1 Mooney Skyvisor Lens (R1140301)
RMY-300-1 Mooney Skyvisor NSA System (1968–1999)
R1490000-001 Nimrod NSA System
R1490201 Nimrod NSA Replacement Lens
R1210003-0 Piper Knots 2U Arapaho NSA System, 3rd Axis
R1710000-034 PA-20 Pacer, PA-22 Colt, PA-22 Tri-Pacer NSA System
R1710000-114 PA-12 Super Cruiser, PA-14 Cruiser, PA-18 Super Cub NSA System (Pilot Side Configuration Only)
R1710000-134 PA-15 & PA-17 Vagabond, PA-16 Clipper NSA System (Pilot Side Configuration Only)
R1710000-144 PA-11 Cub Special NSA System (Pilot Side Configuration Only)
R1710202 Replacement Lens for PA-11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22 (Same as Husky lens)
RCOM-200-1 Comanche Lens, Standard (Rosen PN R1210201)
RCOM-300-1 Comanche NSA System, Standard (Rosen PN R1210001-0)
RCOM-300-1A Comanche NSA System, 3rd Axis (Rosen PN R1210002-0)
RPF-200-1 Piper PA-40 Replacement Lens
RPF-300-1 Piper Center Mount NSA System*
RPF-300-2 Piper Swivel Stud Off Side NSA System*
RPF-300-3 Seneca NSA System (N/A Seneca V)*
R1160005-0 Sundowner (SN M-2071 and up), Sport (SN MB-909 and up), Sierra (SN MC-604 and up), Duchess (/N ME-74–ME-147)
R1160007-0 Sundowner (SN M-1632–M-2070), Sport (SN MB-762–MB-908), Sierra (SN MC-336–MC-603), Duchess (SN ME-1–ME-73)
R1160402 Duke NSA Lens, 3rd Axis
R1730001-0 Musketeer (SN M-1–M-1631), Super (SN All), Sport (SN MB-1–MB-761), Sierra (SN MC-2–MC-335)
RBB-200-1 Bonanza Baron Lens
RBB-200-1A Bonanza Baron Lens, 3rd Axis
RBB-200-2 Duke NSA Lens, Standard 2 Axis
RBB-300-1 Bonanza Baron NSA System
RBB-300-1A Bonanza Baron NSA System, 3rd Axis
RBB-300-2 Duke NSA System, Standard 2 Axis
RBB-300-2A Duke NSA System, 3rd Axis
RBKA-200-NSA-1 King Air NSA Lens
RBKA-300-NSA-1 King Air NSA System
R1930001-0 RV-10 NSA System (No STC)
R1710000-041 Stinson 108 NSA System
R1710202 Stinson 108 Replacement Lens (Same as Husky lens)
9000100 Crew Shade Kit (Includes 1 Shade & 1 Pouch w/2 Suction Cups)
99-701-KIT Red Knob Kit
R1010003 NSA Lens Strip Kit (Includes Lens Strip & 3 Lens Mounting Screws)
R1020000 NSA 3rd Axis Mod Kit, Universal (Ref #RBB-300-1AK)
R9000500 Rosen Sunvisor System Plastic Cleaner
*May not fit models 1995 and later