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Scimitar Propeller STC Kit

APS® brings the latest in propeller technology with the STC SA03069CH. This STC allows the scimitar blade Hartzell propeller to be installed on the T34 A or B powered by an IO-520-B, BA, BB, or an IO-550-B engine. There is no field approval necessary. See below for the latest APS® propeller installations for the T34.
Scimitar Propeller STC Kit includes:
• 3-Bladed 82” Aluminum Scimitar Blade Hartzell Propeller
• Polished Spinner
• STC Document SA03069CH
• TBO – 2400 Hour/6 Year
• Installed Propeller & Spinner Weight – 78 Lbs

Description Applicable
C3F07103 3-Bladed Scimitar Propeller Raytheon 45(YT-34), A45(T-34A), OR D45(T-34B) McCauley C23 2-bladed 84” propeller1, McCauley 3-bladed C76-80” propeller2, McCauley C406/C409 80″ dia. 3-bladed propeller3
A-2295-1P Spinner & Bulkhead N/A N/A
1: Installed propeller & spinner weight – 66 Lbs; Oil fill requirement per AD 89-26-08; Diameter reduction allowable to 82”; TBO – 1200 hours/5 year
2: Installed propeller & spinner weight – 70 Lbs; Diameter reduction allowable to 78.5”; TBO – 1200 hours/5 year
3: Installed propeller & spinner weight – 68 Lbs; Diameter reduction allowable to 78.5”; TBO – 2000 hours/5 year