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APS Silicone Rocker Gaskets
for CMI Engines

APS FAA/PMA-approved silicone rocker gaskets are primarily used for parts required to operate or seal. They are reusable and remain flexible from -85 to +401°F. They are resistant to leaking, to deterioration by weathering, and to petroleum-base lubricating oil.

Engine Eligibility
Cross Ref
Part Number
A40, A50, A65, A70, A75, A80, C75, C85, C90, C125, C145, O-200, O-300, GO-300 Series 655706 APS-655706-S
E165, E185, E225 Series 653193 APS-653193-S
IO-240, IO/TSIO-360 Series 655704 APS-655704-S
O-470-G,K,L,R,S,U; IO-470-D–F,H,L–N,S,U,V; TSIO-470-B,C,E 655528 APS-655528-S
IO-520 (All Models), TSIO-520-B–E,G,H,J–N,P,R,T,AF,BB,CE,DB,EB,JB,KB,LB,NB,UB,VB,WB 655528 APS-655528-S
TSIO-520-AE 653193 APS-653193-S
TSIO-520-BE, GTSIO-520-C,D,F,H,K,L–N 655705 APS-655705-S
IO-550-A–F,L 655528 APS-655528-S
IO-550-G,N,P,R; TSIO-550-A–C,E,K 655705 APS-655705-S