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Sky-Tec C12ST3 & C24ST3 Starters for CMI Engines

The PMA certified C12/24ST3 is the lightest, starter adapter friendly, starter available. Capable of cranking even the largest Continental engines on 24V, the C24ST3 offers the best balance of lightweight, torque, starter adapter protection, and proven reliability. The C12ST3 is also the perfect starting solution for 12V aircraft with smaller bore continental 6-cylinder engines. The C24ST3 is Continental’s factory OE starter on all new 24V Continental 520 and 550 engines due to its extreme lightweight.

Description Weight RPM Engine
C12ST3 C12ST3 Series Starter, 12V 6.5 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 11V O-300-D through TSIO-550
C24ST3 C24ST3 Series Starter, 24V 6.5 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 22V O-300-D through TSIO-550

*See Application Guide for Complete Engine Eligibility