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Sky-Tec C12ST5 & C24ST5 Starters for
CMI Engines

The Sky-Tec C12/24ST5 starter offers the best power and durability of the Continental starter line. At just 9.4 Lbs, the C12/24ST5 shaves 8-9 pounds from most large bore continental engines. The C12/24ST5’s side-mounted solenoid can be clocked to clear any nearby-mounted engine accessories and provides safe, instant release of the Continental starter adapter wrap spring. The C12/24ST5 is safe for all Continental starter adapters and offers extreme duty cycle and very high torque.


Description Weight RPM Engine
C12ST5 C12ST5 Series Starter, 12V 9.4 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 11V O-300-D through TSIO-550
C24ST5 C24ST5 Series Starter, 24V 9.4 Lbs 60–100RPM @ 22V O-300-D through TSIO-550

*See Application Guide for Complete Engine Eligibility