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Skybolt CLoc® 4000 Series Rivet Receptacles

The Skybolt® first panel fastening -CLoc® panel fasteners now meet NASM5591 and MIL-STD-810G standards for strength, dust, sand, vibration, and endurance. Made in the USA. TSO-C148.

Description Cross Reference
Part Number
Cross Reference
Cessna Part Number
SK40R17-1 Stainless Non-Adjusting, Non-Floating 1/8″ Rivet 40R17-1
SK214-16 Steel Non-Adjusting, Non-Floating 1/8″ Rivet 214-16
SK214-16A Aluminum Non-Adjusting, Non-Floating 1/8″ Rivet
SK215-4 Aluminum Adjustable, Non-Floating 1/8″ Locking Clip Rivet
SK244A161A Aluminum Non-Adjusting, Floating 1/8″ Rivet
SK244C161C Stainless Non-Adjusting, Floating 1/8″ Rivet 244-16S S2319-50(Steel)
SK245A161A Aluminum Adjustable, Floating 1/8″ Rivet
SK245C161C Stainless Adjustable, Floating 1/8″ Rivet