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Slick Magneto Parts by Kelly Aerospace

Kelly Aerospace manufactures and sells magneto replacement parts which are made to specifications dictated by FAA parts manufacturing approvals. They are direct replacement parts of the highest quality approved for installation and use on certified aircraft. Most Kelly Aerospace part numbers include the part number of the original manufacturer ensuring an easy determination of replacement applicability. Always refer to the parts and service manual of the original equipment manufacturer, Aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheets, or other FAA-approved data to determine eligibility of a part or component for use in an application.

A-13009 Coil
A-13081 Contact Assy Kit
A-13081-8 Lube, Contact
AM-2536 Woodruff Key
AM-2540 Cotter Pin
AM-3006 Bearing
AM-3014 Screw
AM-3014-1 Screw
AM-3021 Screw
AM-3062 Seal
AM-3114 Coil (Use A-13009)
AM-3183 Capacitor Assy
AM-3215 Brush
AM-3485 Bearing & Cap Assy
AM-3525 Coil (Use A-13009)
AM-3611 Cam
AM-3975 Coil (Use A-13009)