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Spark Plug Field Kit

Spark plug cleaning is a basic and essential part of aircraft maintenance. A.E.R.O. has a complete line of spark plug products, including plugs, cleaners, tools and more. These spark plug maintenance tools are a great choice for any aircraft shop owner or for do-it-yourself aviators. Save time and money by servicing your own spark plugs.

Description Kit
SPK001 Spark Plug Field Kit (1) Spark Plug Cleaner, (1) Set of Dental Picks, (1) 10X Inspection Magnifier, (1) Spark Plug Gapper, (1) Spark Plug Gap Gauge, (1) Thread Chaser, (1) 4Oz Anti-Seize Lubricant, (8) Copper Gaskets, (1) Champion Spark Plug Tray, (1) Magnetic Spark Plug Socket, (1) Canvas Bag
Replacement Parts    
116 Spark Plug Gapper  
AA446 Spark Plug Tray (Holds up to 12 Spark Plugs)  
PA01 Spark Plug Vibrator Cleaner
ATS450 Spark Plug Gap Gauge  
91893 Abrasive Compound for CT-475AV, 15 Oz  
SPCT100A Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester