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Storacell Battery Management Systems

The Storacell battery management systems are molded in glow material for pilots, understand the need to access batteries in an emergency lights out situation. The caddies, which store the batteries in a compact case, dispense the batteries with one hand for safety and convenience and has a built-in hook for hanging at home or work.

1005 Storacell (12) AA Battery Case
4006 Storacell SlimLine (4) 9V Battery Case
5006 Storacell SlimLine (4) AA Battery Case
6006 Storacell SlimLine (6) AAA Battery Case
7006 Storacell SlimLine C4 (4) C Battery Case
9007 Storacell SlimLine D4 (4) D Battery Case
10007 Storacell (12)AA, (4)AAA, (2)C, (1)9V Original Battery Caddy