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Superflite™ Engine Paint

These are fast-drying engine enamels developed specifically for air cooled aircraft engines used in the light duty aviation industries. Superflite enamels feature superior adhesion, high gloss finish, and heat resistance. Continental Gold, Lycoming Grey and Gloss Black are available in quarts and gallons. Continental Gold and Lycoming Grey are also available in aerosol and spray. Ships ORMD ground freight only with no HazMat fees.

SF2000-1 Continental Gold, 1 Qt
SF2000-6 Continental Gold, 6 Qt
SF2000-A Continental Gold, 12 Oz Aerosol
SF2000-A12PK Continental Gold, 12 Pk Spray
SF2100-1 Lycoming Grey, 1 Qt
SF2100-6 Lycoming Grey, 6 Qt
SF2100-A Lycoming Grey, 12 Oz Aerosol
SF2100-A12PK Lycoming Grey, 12 Pk Spray
SF2200-1 Gloss Black, 1 Qt
SF2200-6 Gloss Black, 6 Qt