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Superthane Topcoats

The Superthane Topcoats provide durability and a high gloss finish. All superthane topcoats are available in pints, quarts, and gallons. These topcoats do require a catalyst and a reducer. Color charts are available upon request.

Superthane Topcoats – Pint  
SF2111-08 Aztec Silver, 1 Pt
SF2113-08 Atlas Gray Metallic, 1 Pt
SF2119-08 Sun Valley Ivory, 1 Pt
SF2123-08 Oracle Red, 1 Pt
SF2126-08 AN Orange Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2128-08 Insignia Red, 1 Pt
SF2129-08 Insignia Blue, 1 Pt
SF2130-08 Insignia White, 1 Pt
SF2133-08 Juneau White, 1 Pt
SF2135-08 Stinson Maroon, 1 Pt
SF2137-08 Medium Gray, 1 Pt
SF2138-08 Piper Cub Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2148-08 Polar Gray, 1 Pt
SF2149-08 Diana Cream, 1 Pt
SF2155-08 Sacramento Green, 1 Pt
SF2176-08 Intense Black, 1 Pt
SF2415-08 Starlight Blue, 1 Pt
SF2425-08 Inca Gold, 1 Pt
SF2433-08 Silverado Silver, 1 Pt
SF2437-08 Daytona White, 1 Pt
SF2438-08 Cadillac Red, 1 Pt
SF2439-08 Pepsi Blue, 1 Pt
SF2442-08 Bahama Blue, 1 Pt
SF2445-08 Lemon Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2449-08 Jaguar Green, 1 Pt
SF2451-08 Royal Blue, 1 Pt
SF2452-08 Matterhorn White, 1 Pt
SF2454-08 Lockhaven Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2456-08 Spruce Metallic, 1 Pt
SF2460-08 Cessna Sunset Red, 1 Pt
SF2461-08 Matador Red, 1 Pt
SF2462-08 Cruiser Orange, 1 Pt
SF2463-08 Cessna Tiger Orange, 1 Pt
SF2464-08 Ocala Orange, 1 Pt
SF2467-08 Maule Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2468-08 Lime Green, 1 Pt
SF2469-08 Lakeland Blue, 1 Pt
SF2470-08 Nassau Turquoise, 1 Pt
SF2471-08 Maule Blue, 1 Pt
SF2472-08 Spitfire Red, 1 Pt
SF2473-08 Cessna Vestal White, 1 Pt
SF2474-08 Sandalwood, 1 Pt
SF2475-08 Buckskin, 1 Pt
SF2476-08 Hickory Brown, 1 Pt
SF2477-08 Mocha Brown, 1 Pt
SF2502-08 Champ Yellow, 1 Pt
SF2548-08 Olive Drab, 1 Pt
SF2558-08 Champ Orange, 1 Pt
SF2565-08 Fed-Ex Purple, 1 Pt
Superthane Topcoats – Quart  
SF2111-04 Aztec Silver, 1 Qt
SF2113-04 Atlas Gray Metallic, 1 Qt
SF2119-04 Sun Valley Ivory, 1 Qt
SF2123-04 Oracle Red, 1 Qt
SF2126-04 AN Orange Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2128-04 Insignia Red, 1 Qt
SF2129-04 Insignia Blue, 1 Qt
SF2130-04 Insignia White, 1 Qt
SF2131-04 Sunrise Red, 1 Qt
SF2133-04 Juneau White, 1 Qt
SF2135-04 Stinson Maroon, 1 Qt
SF2137-04 Medium Gray, 1 Qt
SF2138-04 Piper Cub Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2148-04 Polar Gray, 1 Qt
SF2149-04 Diana Cream, 1 Qt
SF2155-04 Sacramento Green, 1 Qt
SF2176-04 Intense Black, 1 Qt
SF2415-04 Starlight Blue, 1 Qt
SF2425-04 Inca Gold, 1 Qt
SF2433-04 Silverado Silver, 1 Qt
SF2437-04 Daytona White, 1 Qt
SF2438-04 Cadillac Red, 1 Qt
SF2439-04 Pepsi Blue, 1 Qt
SF2442-04 Bahama Blue, 1 Qt
SF2445-04 Lemon Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2449-04 Jaguar Green, 1 Qt
SF2451-04 Royal Blue, 1 Qt
SF2452-04 Matterhorn White, 1 Qt
SF2454-04 Lockhaven Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2456-04 Spruce Metallic, 1 Qt
SF2460-04 Cessna Sunset Red, 1 Qt
SF2461-04 Matador Red, 1 Qt
SF2462-04 Cruiser Orange, 1 Qt
SF2463-04 Tiger Orange, 1 Qt
SF2464-04 Ocala Orange, 1 Qt
SF2467-04 Maule Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2468-04 Lime Green, 1 Qt
SF2469-04 Lakeland Blue, 1 Qt
SF2470-04 Nassau Turquoise, 1 Qt
SF2471-04 Maule Blue, 1 Qt
SF2472-04 Spitfire Red, 1 Qt
SF2473-04 Cessna Vestal White, 1 Qt
SF2474-04 Sandalwood, 1 Qt
SF2475-04 Buckskin, 1 Qt
SF2476-04 Hickory Brown, 1 Qt
SF2477-04 Mocha Brown, 1 Qt
SF2502-04 Champ Yellow, 1 Qt
SF2548-04 Olive Drab, 1 Qt
SF2558-04 Champ Orange, 1 Qt
SF2565-04 Fed-Ex Purple, 1 Qt
Superthane Topcoats – Gallon  
SF2111-01 Aztec Silver, 1 Gal
SF2113-01 Atlas Gray Metallic, 1 Gal
SF2119-01 Sun Valley Ivory, 1 Gal
SF2123-01 Oracle Red, 1 Gal
SF2126-01 AN Orange Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2128-01 Insignia Red, 1 Gal
SF2129-01 Insignia Blue, 1 Gal
SF2130-01 Insignia White, 1 Gal
SF2131-01 Sunrise Red, 1 Gal
SF2133-01 Juneau White, 1 Gal
SF2135-01 Stinson Maroon, 1 Gal
SF2137-01 Medium Gray, 1 Gal
SF2138-01 Piper Cub Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2148-01 Polar Gray, 1 Gal
SF2149-01 Diana Cream, 1 Gal
SF2155-01 Sacramento Green, 1 Gal
SF2176-01 Intense Black, 1 Gal
SF2415-01 Starlight Blue, 1 Gal
SF2425-01 Inca Gold, 1 Gal
SF2433-01 Silverado Silver, 1 Gal
SF2437-01 Daytona White, 1 Gal
SF2438-01 Cadillac Red, 1 Gal
SF2439-01 Pepsi Blue, 1 Gal
SF2442-01 Bahama Blue, 1 Gal
SF2445-01 Lemon Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2449-01 Jaguar Green, 1 Gal
SF2451-01 Royal Blue, 1 Gal
SF2452-01 Matterhorn White, 1 Gal
SF2454-01 Lockhaven Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2456-01 Spruce Metallic, 1 Gal
SF2460-01 Cessna Sunset Red, 1 Gal
SF2461-01 Matador Red, 1 Gal
SF2462-01 Cruiser Orange, 1 Gal
SF2463-01 Tiger Orange, 1 Gal
SF2464-01 Ocala Orange, 1 Gal
SF2467-01 Maule Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2468-01 Lime Green, 1 Gal
SF2469-01 Lakeland Blue, 1 Gal
SF2470-01 Nassau Turquoise, 1 Gal
SF2471-01 Maule Blue, 1 Gal
SF2472-01 Spitfire Red, 1 Gal
SF2473-01 Cessna Vestal White, 1 Gal
SF2474-01 Sandalwood, 1 Gal
SF2475-01 Buckskin, 1 Gal
SF2476-01 Hickory Brown, 1 Gal
SF2477-01 Mocha Brown, 1 Gal
SF2502-01 Champ Yellow, 1 Gal
SF2548-01 Olive Drab, 1 Gal
SF2558-01 Champ Orange, 1 Gal
SF2565-01 Fed-Ex Purple, 1 Gal