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Tempo Paint

Tempo spray products feature the exclusive adjustable fanspray valve which offers a professional extra wide pattern. The enamel is formulated to adhere to aluminum and steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance. The lacquer dries in under fifteen minutes for fast applications. Where additional corrosion protection is needed, enamel is recommended. Ships ground freight only.

A150 Flat Black Epoxy, 12 Oz Aerosol
A151 Medium Grey Epoxy, 12 Oz Aerosol
A152 White Epoxy, 12 Oz Aerosol
A701 Yellow Zinc Phosphate, 12 Oz Aerosol
A702 Green Zinc Phosphate, 12 Oz Aerosol
A808 Dull Aluminum Lacquer, 12 Oz Aerosol
A1102 Flat Black Enamel, 12 Oz Aerosol
A1109 Gloss White Enamel, 12 Oz Aerosol
A9-180 White Lacquer, 12 Oz Aerosol