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Terminal Kits

Terminal kits consist of the parts that attach the end of the “P” lead wire to the back of a Bendix magneto. There are several different ground terminal kits for Bendix magnetos. Pressurized Bendix magnetos use a different terminal kit than non-pressurized magnetos. Some Bendix magnetos use different size nuts. The best method of making sure you get the correct kit is to check the magneto part number (10- number) against the terminal listing from the Bendix Master Maintenance Manual.

Description Applicable Magneto
Part Numbers
10-52305 Bendix Ground Terminal Kit for S-20 Series Magnetos
10-51360-26,27,28,29,37,40,41,46,54; 10-51365-9,32,33,34,35,39,40,43,44,45,46,47,48,54; 10-79020-6,10,16
10-52305-1 Bendix Ground Terminal Kit for S-20 Series Magnetos
10-51360-33; 10-51365-31,32,34,35,39,40,42,43,44,45,46,47,48; 10-79020-8; 10-85290-2
10-157208 Bendix Ground Retard Terminal Kit
10-163005-2,3,11; 10-163010-1,2,10,11,15; 10-163015-3; 10-163020-3,4
10-157209 Bendix Ground Terminal Kit
10-51360-45,47,58; 10-51365-57; 10-79020-11,17,18,19; 10-163005-2,3,11; 10-163010-1,2,10,11,15; 10-163015-3; 10-163020-3,4; 10-163045-1,3,6; 10-163050-1,2,7,9,12; 10-163055-1; 10-163060-1,2