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Tyvek® Suits

Tyvek® clothing has a single layer of fabric made with 100% high density polyethylene which makes it highly resistant to dry particulate matter, paint, aerosols, and more. Tyvek® protective clothing is tough and almost impossible to rip or tear. It is strong enough to reuse but cheap enough to throw away when it’s time. Also, Tyvek® fabric breathes, allowing heat and sweat vapor to pass through but not water or other liquid molecules.

SF-102NE Large Tyvek® Suit – No Hood
SF-103NE XL Tyvek® Suit – No Hood
SF-104NE 2XL Tyvek® Suit – No Hood
SF-202 Large Hooded Tyvek® Suit
SF-203 XL Hooded Tyvek® Suit
SF-204 2XL Hooded Tyvek® Suit