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Valve Cover Gaskets for Lycoming Engines

A.E.R.O. stocks most gaskets for Lycoming engines. Gaskets listed on this website are common general maintenance required gaskets. Our gasket vendors include CMI, Lycoming, and Superior Airparts. Gaskets and sets not listed are available and in-stock. Call 800.362.3044 for a complete listing with application.

Standard Valve Cover
Gasket Part Number
Silicone Valve Cover
Gasket Part Number
O-235, O-290, O-320, O-360, O-480, O-540, IO-540-C, TIO-540-C,E,G,H; AEIO-360 Series SL75906 APS-75906-S
IO-360-A,C,J; IO-540-A,G; IO-720 Series SL67193 APS-67193-S
VO/GO-435; GO/GSO/VO-480, 540 SL67193 APS-67193-S
IO-540-B,E,M Series; TIO/LTIO-540-A,C; TIO/LTIO-540-F,J,N,R,S Series SL71450 APS-71450-S
TO-360-C,F; TIO/TIGO-541 76036 APS-76036-S